Three Reasons Copywriters Love Hubspot Blogging

Into every life, a little yin and yang must fall.  It only makes sense that if we’re going to rant about Hubspot blogging (see Four Hubspot quirks that annoy your blogger), we should also rave about what it does really well.  As a copy writer, I have the great pleasure of working with several different soft wares.  Primarily, WordPress blogging software is the most widely used.  However, Hubspot, a platform that allows many users to perform SEO and website programming tasks themselves, has also become a forefront in the industry.  Here are a few awesome features of Hubspot blogging:


Little blurbs

Cheater blurbs make your blog writing kind of like ‘blog writing for dummies.’  Little blurbs on the side of the blog entry screen tell you exactly which elements you need to add or subtract to create the perfect blog. If you follow the rules, you should have increased Hubspot blogging traffic.  Oh, and they are mostly simple, ‘Add a picture’ or ‘post too short’ so you can follow right allow.  Nailing the meta tag descriptions takes a little longer, but an experienced blogger already knows how to make the best of them.

Education for marketing

Free seminars can train you for all kinds of SEO and digital media marketing topics.  This has been a famous Hubspot marketing campaign: Education for marketing.  They want to train you to use their products.  By teaching Hubspot bloggers what to do and how to do it, they feel customers will be even more successful.  For the most part, they’re right. Free education is, of course, a great initiative.  If you’re unsure on industry happenings, use Hubspot free seminars to get in the loop.


Call to action buttons can be inserted directly into your blog.  Yes, you are reading this correctly.  All those ‘act now’ and ‘call today’ buttons can be popped right into your blog post.  You can easily, quickly and without any program experience tell your readers about a special promotion … then insert a button.  You have to love that Hubspot blogging does it all for you.

What else do you love about Hubspot blogging?  Is there a feature that makes it your blogging software of choice? Maybe it’s simply your SEO soft ware of choice. What made you choose Hubspot?

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