SEO Copywriting – What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

SEO copywriting! SEO content! SEO writers! It’s everywhere you look, so what’s the big deal about it? Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and you can be pretty sure that it is going to topple over pretty soon but until then, here’s a quick lowdown.

Websites are appearing in ever-increasing numbers employing SEO content, whether that is in articles, copywriting or some other means of communication.

This is done in order to improve search engine rankings; the very term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Copywriting

SEO content writing

SEO content writing is mainly done through the use of keywords, but this is not as straightforward a process as it used to be.

Too few keywords and you don’t rank at all; too many keywords and your article gets labeled ‘spam’.

The trick is to hit that just-right sweet spot in the keyword density department. (That’s usually between 3-5% by the way, although this is more of a guideline, not an exact range.)

But assuming you get that, and a few other factors right, then SEO is your ticket to more traffic.

SEO copywriting

And more traffic is your ticket to more revenue, fame, popularity, dissension – whatever your search ranking success means to you.

This is also due to the fact that SEO content can take many forms, including (but certainly not limited to) articles, forums, websites, blogs, classifieds, business listings, specialty sites and so forth.

Taking a closer look at SEO copywriting, for instance, can help clarify how this kind of content writing is different from you might normally have done so far in the ‘real world’.

Copywriting for both readers and search bots

Traditionally, copywriting was written and formatted with the aim of motivating readers, with a few well-chosen and well-placed headlines, to read the rest of the printed page.

Search engine friendly content is written with the aim of attracting both readers and search-bots and delivering the information without beating about the bush.

So you have well-written content, with balanced keyword density, that gets to the point and gives the reader what they’ve been searching for.

Internet surfing and content reading is very different from the regular ‘real world’ kind; too many frills and fuss and the reader gets impatient, leaves and finds another page.

Other factors for optimal results

As mentioned, SEO must be combined with a few other factors for optimal results.

First, the website must include enough content to support those keywords like amazon seo services so it isn’t marked as spam. If the content is about more common keywords, then it’s likely you’ll be met with limited success unless you’re one of the top professionals in the SEO field.

Finally, the use of tags, META tags and so forth, always helps the site’s rankings.

Done right, search engine optimization is a great way to boost your site’s rankings overall so that even if you don’t make it to the Google top ten, you still increase your traffic by a considerable amount.

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