Overcoming Anonymity: Ezines Promote Recognition for Copywriters

In today’s economy, many copywriters find it necessary to freelance their work. Companies that have downsized often find it less expensive to outsource work than to keep a full-time copywriter on staff.

Freelancing on sites where writers bid against other writers is difficult and often doesn’t pay well.

Moreover, articles sold this way are not published under the writer’s name, since this is considered ‘ghostwriting.’

Fortunate copywriters may become recognized by a small base of loyal buyers, but without meaningful name recognition, the potential for income is limited.


Generating or increasing your income

For writers who want to establish their name and increase their income, Ezines, or electronic magazines, provide the ideal opportunity.

Most Ezines are published in a newsletter format along with advertisements that support the publication. Many are highly specialized in a particular niche subject.

Many articles purchased through freelance sites are bought to be published in Ezines.

Work submitted directly to an Ezine by a writer, will be published with the writer’s name.

Depending on the policy of the particular publication, writers may or may not be paid for their articles, but their name is now published with their article.

Specialization is the name of the game

Writers who have expertise in a particular area of copywriting, should subscribe to an Ezine that specializes in their field.

There are lots of Ezines that cover technology, for example. A writer should examine the articles published by an Ezine and submit some articles of his own.

Ezines are always hungry for fresh content and therefore it is reasonably easy to be published. Once a writer has been published under his own name, he has a reference when applying for other freelance work.

These references increase a writer’s value.

Writers should try to be published in several Ezines, on related topics, to increase the number of view-able samples of their work.

Self publish

Another possibility for more intrepid entrepreneurs, is to start an Ezine and self publish.

There are many excellent, free tutorials available on the Internet that talk about this. In order for an Ezine to succeed, subscribers and advertisers must be attracted to the publication.

The average Ezine has between twenty five and one hundred thousand subscribers. The more subscribers, the more appeal to advertisers and the greater the revenue from advertising space.

Most Ezines are free to subscribers. In addition to receiving income from advertisers, a writer can promote his name to any audience he chooses in order to create name recognition. Once achieved, name recognition, can increase both the writer’s customer base and income potential.

Keep control of your business

Freelance copywriters often don’t recognize that they are, in effect, running a small business. They don’t understand that in order to succeed and thrive in a highly competitive field, it is necessary to package and market your product. Most freelancers have a shoe-string budget and can’t afford advertising space.

Ezines can solve this problem by allowing writers to get their names before the buyers who are most likely to purchase their work. Additionally, published writers have a better chance of landing higher paying jobs on freelance sites than writers who have not been published under their own name.

Summing up

Freelance copywriters should take advantage of this great resource, either by submitting articles like natural sleeping pills to existing publications or by starting a publication of their own. No matter how talented the writer, without adequate name recognition, he won’t succeed in the highly-competitive copywriting market.

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