Facebook Marketing: Most effective tool to promote your brand

You are for sure not unknown to the fact that Facebook is the most extensively used social media platforms. As the biggest, out of Facebook’s 1.9 billion users, 70% of them log in daily.

But chatting with friends, checking out status updates and debating on political posts is not the only thing to be done in this online circle. It has more for business world as Facebook marketing is a very effective tool for promoting their brand.

Interestingly, for this marketing strategy, you won’t have to end up paying dollars. In fact, it is at times different from keyword, Google marketing or marketing techniques of other social media forms. But the basic rules remain same. Through Facebook Marketing, you can connect with your target demographics most of whom log in on a daily basis.

Facebook Marketing

  1. Facebook Marketing needs strategizing:

With the idea that Facebook is the most effective platform for brand promotion, people often jump on to a campaign randomly without a proper plan. Result? They fail in their purpose blaming this platform.

Don’t forget that this is also a form of marketing and hence; a firm strategy is required before launching. What should you do?

  • Like other social media platforms, Facebook has its own demographics generally segmented between adult and younger First, consider your target group in your plan.
  • Suppose, you want to focus on adult generation, make sure the content or update must reflect that clearly. The Facebook analytics can, however, provide in-depth insight into the location, likes and dislikes of demographics.
  • With its help, you can monitor your audience’s behavior on posts and make next updates accordingly measuring its effectiveness.

The ultimate idea is to determine and understand your audience before posting any status update. You can then customize your content consequently for effective returns.

  1. Next is to focus on contents:

Have you ever noticed the most popular contents that are shared on Facebook? What are they? Well, especially images and videos are more shared. But interesting news contents or similar posts that are engaging goes no less.

So, content is the focal point where Facebook marketing relies greatly on. You just have to hit that perfect spot. However, you should be aware that contents are different for different brands. Try experimenting. But again, the purpose should be clear. Don’t post something that your audience has nothing to get from.

Analysis: At times, audiences get engaged to more picture based content than video. They even prefer sharing articles than infographic. It is easy to analyse this data in Facebook where you’ll need at least 30 Likers.

“Give them quality; that’s the best method of advertising.”

  1. Which is better? Sharing or over sharing?

There is one person on everyone’s friend list who shares updates all time – morning, afternoon, evening and even at night. They will share each and every activity that happens in their whole day. This is over sharing. But when it is on a personal Facebook page, that won’t affect others much and can be controlled if necessary.

But when the same thing happens in case of business, you might face serious consequences. Now the question is – how much is too much? When is it balanced? Or when is it too less?

  • It is better to fix an automated schedule through which you can make sure each content is read.
  • However, the balanced factor largely depends on your target group.
  • If you ask for an ideal amount, 4 to 5 posts a day is standard. Your viewers won’t get irritated with that.
  • The best sharing period is on weekends when most people are logged in that too for a long time. It is then ideal for conducting customer relationship management.

Facebook is a flexible yet powerful medium to successfully promote your brand. You have various opportunities to mold your marketing efforts. You know practice makes all perfect. This is the right time. Do it now!

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