Does Article Marketing Increase Traffic?

Article marketing is widely touted as one of the most efficient and cost-effective techniques for increasing traffic to your website. Obviously, you’re going to have to read up a little about it if it’s the first time and you’re going to implement the process.

To follow are some helpful hints to keep in mind. It’s important to know, for instance, how to pick the right keywords and how to write good quality articles quickly.

It’s also always useful to know commonly made mistakes that you can then avoid making during your own marketing process.

Article Marketing Tips

Using – About the author

The first thing to keep in mind is that any content published under your name adds or detracts from your online personality.

You have a presence on the internet and that presence is made more real and tangible through the articles you write (or have ghost-written for you), the videos and other media you post and any other kind of content (comments, reviews etc) that is linked to you.

So be very careful about where your name pops up and in what context.

The right keywords

Picking the right keywords is not difficult. A quick search should yield some fruitful results; the harder part is the seo writing itself. Keep it as straight and to the point as you can.

It’s not necessary to be a wordsmith or have a creativity level of beyond-believable; just use good, simple English, make sure your spelling and grammar doesn’t hamper your delivery and, most important, give your readers something.

Fluff, spinning and leaving-out-to-dry are big no-no’s when it comes to writing a successful, multi-linked article.

Informative and non-aggressive content

Your readers are taking time out to read the article, so at least make sure it’s worth both their time and yours by writing informative and non-aggressive content.

The internet is a big world, virtual though it may be, and much depends on search results.

You want to be as linked and as talked about as possible to and this means good content. It also means focusing on one keyword per article and then sprinkling that keyword throughout your content.

The key is sprinkling, not flooding – the latter hampers the readability and, trust me, your rankings will go down.


And finally, write a lot! The more articles you have, the more keywords you can cover and the better your search engine rankings. Link up your web-pages, your articles, websites, blogs and so forth, put up bookmark features and resource boxes. Be as ‘present’ on the internet as possible.

For this, you must write copiously and write well. Use software for article submission to help you save time, hire ghost-writers and write about what you know from every conceivable angle, but keep writing and keep marketing your article. You’ll keep getting traffic.

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