Ah-ha! Here’s Why Small Business Needs an SEO Expert

A few weeks ago, I posted on the relevance of an SEO expert. A colleague questioned whether pursuing SEO was even an option if you had a low-budget. I mean, come-on – how does the little guy compete?

So, let’s just get it out there.

The million dollar question is, “Does small business need SEO?”

In short, the answer is, “Absolutely.” And small business does not (no matter what anyone tells you) need to spend an arm and a leg to have a highly functional website that works to attract them sales leads.

SEO Expert

Let me give you an analogy.

If you’re a runner who hits the pavement twice a week to blow off steam, you might tell folks, “I’m a runner.” But on the other side of things, someone who competes in ultra-marathons might also say, “I’m a runner.” Who’s right?

Both are runners, but we can conclude…

You need to participate in search engine optimization regardless of what degree you choose to participate in the process.

Why? On it’s most basic level, SEO (i.e. the use of keywords that describe what you do – such as hemp dog treats) is how your business gets found on the internet.

SEO ensures that anyone searching for your products or services on the internet (an internet that’s always changing, by the way) is able to find you.

And you should start by:

Ensuring your website is up-to-date (i.e. using a modern CMS like WordPress)

Understand a keyword / interlinking strategy

Installing a way (Google Analytics) to see the traffic patterns of your website

What’s phase two?

Getting fresh content on your site (i.e. an SEO blogger, Twitter feed on home page, etc.)

Promoting your site on social media, guest blogging, etc.

Building an audience to market to (i.e. opt-ins, social media networks, etc.)

How the Big SEO Expert Kids Play

And phase three?

This is where the big kids play. These are the official launches I’ve been an SEO expert for. And they are, for some reason, what most of us think about when we consider SEO campaigns.

Just to give you an idea, I wrote 45 blogs for one company, key-worded and optimized for SEO that were published over the course of a few months. They followed an immense editorial calendar loaded with competitive keywords on specific topics.

Once all the blogs had published, the client increased leads by 300% just by how often they were getting found on the internet.

In another project, I published once a day (five times a week!) for a digital marketing agency. Since I was just the writer, I don’t have the data for those clients, but most saw enough increased sales leads to renew for six months or more.

And those other high-ranking sites you hear so much about? They are promoting multiple pieces of content a day.

Some are using affiliate links, engaging joint partnerships, and some are news hacking, all of them are attempting to reach a big bad goal of getting as much website traffic as possible (i.e. be listed on the first page of Google.)

But that’s not you. SEO for small business isn’t an all-out war to compete. Hiring an SEO expert for you can just mean that something is getting published, say, four times a month.

It can also mean a budget that’s in line with exactly what you can afford. Case-in-point, check out my copywriting packages. And be sure to ask any additional questions below if you have them.

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